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Blazed - Gorilla Gloop - 10ml - 600mg


 Blazed CBD E-Liquid

Apple topped with a buttery Oat and Honey crumble, dripping in luxury creamy Custard.

○ 10ml

○ 600mg CBD

○ 70PG/30VG

Crimson Kiss - Cocktail CB'Dreams - 10,000mg - 120ml


 Crimson Kiss - Cocktail CB'Dreams E-Liquid

A romantic valentines blend of pomegranate vodka, cherry and cranberry juice. A cool, dry and sweet experience that will melt your heart.

• 120ml

• 10,000mg CBD Isolate

• 70PG/30VG

• UK Manufactured Flavourings

Blood Orange Passion fruit - Dope Goat Deluxe 10,000mg CBD/CBG 250ML


 Blood Orange passion fruit CBD/CBG E-liquid

Vibrant blood orange and smooth tropical passionfruit wonderfully compliment each other in this cool sweet flavour!

After the amazing success of our Dope Goat Drip CBD E-liquid, we have been working hard to bring you our Dope Goat Deluxe range.

A new Premium mix of CBD & CBG isolate with a whooping 5000mg CBD & 5000mg CBG with 5 new flavours available.

• 250ml CBD/CBG E-liquid

• 70pg/30vg

• 10,000MG ( 5000MG CBD / 5000mg CBG )

OG Apple Gumball Kush - Kush Cow CBD/CBG 1000mg 50ml


 OG Apple Gumball Kush CBD/CBG E-Liquid

To celebrating our love of Kush, we are proudly presenting our Kush Cow Series!

By fusing CBD and CBG together with bold flavours and pure terpenes we’re able to deliver a delicious vaping experience with an entourage effect to suit your needs.

Packed with 500mg of CBD and 500mg of CBG, Kush Cow is sure to relax the body and sharpen the mind.

A delicious green apple gumball and OG Kush terpenes come together to create a sweet and tasty vaping experience!

• 50ml

• 1000mg (CBD 500mg/CBG 500mg)

• 50/50 Ratio

• Flavourings & Pure Terpenes